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Online cooking lessons

Watch the chef cooking live from your home computer, while you ask questions and cook along too!

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Interactive Cooking Class
Improve your cooking skills and serve fantastic
dinners every night with ease
Educational, and efficient, learn while using the latest internet streaming video technology.
Better Way Gourmet live video cooking classes allows you to cook along and interact with
the chef without ever leaving your home kitchen!  The Learn to Cook classes feature 4 high
definition live streaming video cameras so you can see your chef instructor demonstrate
culinary techniques from multiple angles and extreme close-ups in amazing detail for a
truely one-of-a-kind experience. You'll get a 2 hour instructional, shot with multiple
cameras, streaming live in high definition through your internet enabled device such as a
laptop, ipad, or iphone, and real-time chat capability allowing you to ask your chef
questions as you go!  We offer beginner through intermediate classes depending on your
current skill level.
Learn Online

Better Way Gourmet Learn to Cook classes utilize Chef Shane Frisco's accelerated
learning approach to cooking, with an emphasis on efficiency - making it a perfect
learning option for amateur home cooks and culinary enthusiasts of all ages and
skill levels. Real-time Q&A allows you to ask your chef questions as you cook
along. Better Way Gourmet Learn to Cook cooking classes are both affordable and
comprehensive, making it the best way to learn and develop culinary school level
cooking skills without the time and expense of a formal curriculum.
Total Immersion Accelerated Learning

Other cooking classes teach you how to make recipes; instructions that teach
how to make one specific dish. Chef Shane's accelerated learning system
teaches the fundamental principals, methodologies, philosophies, and
techniques that help you understand the science behind the cooking. By
understanding the rules, when to follow them and when to break them, you won't
just be learning how to follow recipe instructions, but you'll truly be learning how
to cook. After studying under the direction of Chef Shane for a period of time,
you'll be able to creatively cook whatever you have on hand without the need to
follow a recipe. With the confidence level that your new skill will build, you'll soon
become the cook that you've always had the potential to be.
Premium Quality

Better Way Gourmet is the first to utilize the newest emerging
technologies to bring you the only cooking class of its kind. Better Way
Gourmet's Learn to Cook online live streaming cooking classes utilize
premium high definition broadcast cameras in combination with the new
LiveStream Studio HD500 video switcher which features 5 live camera
inputs, built to broadcast quality standards, graphics overlay, and full
audio mixer.  Every aspect of your live streaming cooking class has been
totally optimized for quality, making it the most engaging and efficient way
to learn from home - ever.
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