Check out these tips
For juicing your way to a healthier body, and reducing
stress and fatigue.
Fresh juice is best cold but ice will water it down and ruin the flavor. Try putting your serving
glass in the freezer a half hour before you juice, and be sure to keep your produce refrigerated
to be sure that it's cold also.
Use recipes for juicing which will inspire healthy and delicious combination blends that you
might not have otherwise thought of. Search for juicing recipes using the words "juicing" or
"juicer", otherwise you may get search recipe search results of savory dishes that simply
contain "juice" as an ingredient.
When selecting a juicer to purchase be sure to get one with a wide mouth so you can fit large
pieces of fruits and vegetables through the machine. This reduces the time it takes to prep
your produce items before juicing.
Drink Fresh
The best time to drink fresh juice is when it's fresh. Don't leave it in the refrigerator for later, as
many juices will separate as they sit. Fresh juice is best when it's nutrient content is at it's peak,
immediately after juicing.
Picking Produce
Juicing requires a larger quantity of fruits and vegetables then what you might normally buy to
eat, so it's best to bargain shop. Some grocery stores sell produce in bulk (like a 10lb. bag of
carrots) at a discounted price. Try to buy organic when possible. Some organic items don't
cost any more money than their non-organic counterparts.
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