If you're someone who wants some
excitement and adventure in your home
cooked meals, as well as maximum
balanced flavors, rejoice. Ethnic fusion
merges just about every nation and culture
from around the world, utilizing a very
American approach, to ensure that the
flavors are still familiar with ingredients that
are easy to find. Inspired by the cuisine of 5
continents, you'll always look forward to
what's for dinner.
We are experts in GLUTEN FREE living and
can ensure you that your GLUTEN FREE
diet will be met with serious quality and
flavor, without leaving you feel like you're
missing anything. Choose from the
GLUTEN FREE meal plans to take the
guess work out of whether or not you're
eating right. You'll always know that you are
when you choose Better Way Gourmet
GLUTEN FREE meal plans.
The most popular of all our meal plans;
choose the HEALTHY HOMESTYLE meal
plans for flexible, budget friendly, healthy
meals. These meal plans offer convenience,
and the best choices in healthy meals for
your diet and budget.  Perfect for active
people on the go, the budget conscious, and
anyone in need of  general meal plans or
inspiration for weekly healthy meals.
purchase a meal plan
purchase a meal plan
purchase a meal plan
For custom upgrade options, please contact our special diets line at 209-68-DIETS
All Meal Plans Include
purchase a meal plan
purchase a meal plan
purchase a meal plan
purchase a meal plan
purchase a meal plan
purchase a meal plan
purchase a meal plan
purchase a meal plan
purchase a meal plan
purchase a meal plan
purchase a meal plan
purchase a meal plan
Q: How are the meal plans "cheaper, easier, and healthier?
Our recipes save most people money compared to what the average American currently spends on dinner, and we don't
use expensive ingredients. Our recipes are void of any complicated methods or techniques, and can all be made ahead
without the use of measuring cups and measuring spoons, saving time cooking, while reducing clean-up. We are conscious
of fat and cholesterol content, and avoid products that use artificial coloring and flavoring. All recipes are balanced,
including a protein, carb, and vegetable, and we make recommendations to buy organic when we know that excessive
amounts of pesticide are used on a particular produce item.
Q: What exactly is included in the meal plans?
You'll get 12 seasonally inspired weekly menus per season, with recipe outlines to match, and grocery lists that correspond
to the recipes, with a plan of action. The plan will tell you what to cook on what day so you can get the whole week cooked
ahead of time. We're the only "make ahead" meal plan on the web. If you are also a Better Way Gourmet
online cooking
subscriber, you'll get integrated lessons.
Q: Can I change my meal plan after I sign up.
Select your meal plan carefully. Once you subscribe to a meal plan, that's the one you'll have for the whole year. If you
need help deciding, let us know. We'll help you select the meal plan that's right for you.
Q: Can I become a member of Better Way Gourmet without purchasing a meal plan?
Absolutely. Just click "sign up" from the home screen to create a member profile and have access to the site.
If casein or lactose is a problem, then we
have a solution. The dairy free meal plan
doesn't compromise flavor, and still
features alternative milks, cheeses,
yogurts, and anything else you might have
once enjoyed and can't anymore. We'll give
you back your favorites while keeping your
health and nutrition in mind. This option
can be combined with any other meal plan.
Classic American comfort food has always
been a favorite for many of us. The Better
Way Gourmet "Classic Comforts" meal
plan features your ol' time favorites with a
twist. We could have kept it simple but
have opted for fun and flavorful - so forget
about what you know about bland and
boring comfort food, and try the better way.
Not all of our meal plans contain soy
based ingredients, but if you want to be
sure that it never shows up in your meal
plan, then choose the soy free option. You
can combine the soy free meal plan option
with Classic Comforts or any other meal
plan, to create a custom plan with no soy -
The recipes on this plan have all been
taste tested by children as young as 2
years old. We can't guarantee that YOUR
kids will love them, but in our experience,
most kids do. We have developed these
recipes based on our extensive research
on the taste palette of children, how they
perceive flavor, and how their perception
differs from adults. Best of all, it's ALL good
for them.
Dust off your slow cooker and let it do most
of the work for you - with our help of course.
The slow cooker meal plans offer more
than your old typical slow cooker standbys.
Forget about what you think you know
about your slow cooker, and get ready for a
flavor adventure. Balanced nutrition comes
in many tender varieties. If you own a slow
cooker, you NEED to have this meal plan.
The results of a pressure cooker are similar
to a slow cooker, but the cook time is
drastically reduced. Knowing how to
combine ingredients and when, can
sometimes present a challenge for most
cooks, and many find the pressure cooker
to be intimidating. With the pressure cooker
meal plan, you won't have to figure it out on
your own. We'll help reduce some of the
pressure, without the reducing quality.
Consuming carbohydrates that you will
process more slowly is like digesting
time-released energy that your body will
use as it needs to. The "slow carb" meal
plan promotes better health by maintaining
blood sugar, and storing less fat. The
result is usually increased energy and
decreased body fat storage.
Following a low glycemic diet is easy when
you subscribe to a Better Way Gourmet
"Diabetic Friendly" meal plan. No
second-guessing or figuring anything out.
We'll keep your health in mind and help
keep you at your target levels.
Our focus centers around WHAT you eat,
more than how much you eat. Because not
all calories are created equal, you can't rely
on calorie counting to loose extra body fat.
The weight loss meal plan is free of sugar
calories, and emphasises slowly
processed carbohydrates (good carbs).
If you have an allergy or just don't like the
taste, you can choose the "no seafood"
meal plan option to ensure that none of
your meal plan dishes contain any sea
Pregnancy is one of the most significant
times for a woman's nutrition, and the
most developmental for the unborn baby.
The "prenatal" meal plan will ensure that
both you and baby will get balanced
nutrition without ingredients that could be
harmful. This meal plan makes a perfect
gift for any expecting mother.
After delivery, every new mom needs to get
her strength back - and proper diet and
nutrition is the best way to go about it.
Additionally, any new mother who plans to
breast-feed their baby, needs optimum
nutrition to ensure that baby gets what it
needs and deserves, to grow and thrive.
The Better Way Gourmet "postnatal" meal
plan is not only better, but it's the best - and
we're the only ones that offer it.
Chef Created Recipes
Social Integration
Smart Phone & Tablet
Archive Access
Learning Tools
Community Features
Not collected from cookbooks, like
others do

Developed by a highly
experienced, renowned chef

Original recipes not available

Recipes that can be made ahead
and reheated in a microwave oven
Connect with others: Make
friends, post comments, send
direct messages, use forums, and
chat live.

Video channel integration: Imbed
your YouTube videos into your

Express yourself: Upload photos
of your signature dishes, and
post blogs.
Works great on various mobile
devices: desktop, tablet,

Makes shopping and cooking
easier without having to print
recipes and lists
View menus and recipes as far
back as the beginning of the

We won't take recipes away from
you so that we can reuse them
without you realizing it (like some
others do)
We outline a real plan, telling you
what to cook on what day so
dinner is ready before you even
get home

Recipe contents link to articles,
blogs, and technique videos
(upgrade required)

"Read it and Learn It" integration
Member profiles with customizable
color and design options

Access member only forums

Make friends, send messages,
and chat live
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