Check out these tips
For getting on track to a fitter you.
Become Physically Active
Exercise and physical activity are two different things. It's easier to stay on an exercise regimen
when you are already physically active. Think of things apart from exercise that you can do from
day to day (like recreational activities) that keep you moving, and your blood circulating. Become
a physically active person, and stretch daily so that you're always ready for an impromptu workout.
Eat Better
Avoid sugar, junk food, and fast food. Eat small well balanced meals that include a lean
protein source, a carbohydrate, and at least one vegetable. If you find eating better difficult to
maintain, then increase your physical activity. The more you exercise, the more you will
naturally crave healthier options. Eat less on days when your activity levels are minimal, and
never eat right before going to bed.
Be Consistent
Consistency is a fundamental key to success in anything we do in life. If you have truly
embraced the first step, then consistency will come naturally. If you find that you are not
consistent, then revisit step one and "change your mind".
Get Fanatical
Habits and addictions aren't neccessarily always bad. Being dependent on good health is a
good charactersitic to possess, and will drasticaly reduce the liklihood of a bad habit
developing, or an old addiction resurfacing.
Stick to a Regular Routine
Humans are creatures of habit. Some of the world's most successful people are those that adhere
to a strict schedule of routine. Once your workout schedule is developed, stick to it. If you need top
change it to better fit your lifestyle then adjust it as needed, but once you have routine that suits
you, stick to it at all costs.
Combine Aerobic and Anaerobic
Most women want to be slimmer, and most men want to be more muscular - so women have a
tendency to gravitate towards aerobic workouts to burn calories while men usually do more
weight lifting to build muscle. Regardless of what your fitness goals are, an exercise plan that
combines both cardiovascular and weight / muscle training is the most effective approach.
There is no one diet that will solve your fat loss or better health goals. Only a proper mix of
exercise in conjunction with a balanced diet consisting of lean protein, vegetables, and complex
carbohydrates will make you look and feel closer to your ideal. And if you need some
assistance, a Better Way Gourmet online meal plan subscription can help you get there.
Change Who You Are
Better physical fitness health starts with a decision. You have to decide that the effort is worth the
reward, knowing full well that it will require hard work. Exercise shouldn't be an activity you do, but
rather part of who you are. Become a physically active person who wants to exercise all of the time,
because will power isn't enough. If you don't like to exercise, you won't achieve the results you
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